Wednesday, December 28, 2011

LAMMEEYA's Pure Juices

watermelon grape
rich in antioxidant, vitamin A, B6 & C and hydrating

grape & red apple
rich in antioxidant, detoxifying & cholesterol lowering

cucumber & bittergourd
weigh reducer, detoxifying, bowel cleansing, rich in vitamin E

chestnut & cucumber
cooling, bowel cleansing, anti-inflammatory properties

celery orange carrot
blood pressure & cholesterol lowering, rich in vitamin C & A, antioxidant, excellent eye care

preserved plum & ambola
rich in antioxidant & vitamin C, improve blood circulation

Refreshing & Rejuvenating!
Just the energy booster you need to start off your day.
Wonderful alternative to store-bought juices,
LAMMEEYA's Pure Juices are a mix of fresh, premium quality ingredients (fruits & vege).
Bursting with vitamins & minerals.
Get your healthy daily dose at our outlets today!

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