Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lammeeya EMPIRE Opening Promo - 10% discount!

LG31 Empire Shopping Gallery


  1. Today 29th aug 2010, I went to empire lammeeya with my parents to enjoy the food. We ordered lam mee, fried kueh teow, har mee, rice, vinegar pork leg, black bean pork and some drinks. all the food had served and my parents had finish their meal. However the rice, vinegar pork leg and black bean pork is not serve yet. i have waited for more than 15 mins. I urge that you all have to look into service and serving time of the food. Espacially the service as the philippine staff do not know what to do standing there like nothing to do. Im dissapointed as yesterday I went there service was great and the food was nice. Im so dissapointed today as I do not think i will be there any more to dine in. I urge you all better provide a better service and timing for food serving to the customer have to improve. thanks

  2. Hi. Do the Groupon offer valid at Empire Gallery's outlet?